PATHETIC: Crooked Hillary Whines About 2016 Election Loss, Pushes Trump Impeachment at Book Tour Stop (VIDEO)

President Trump lives rent free in Hillary Clinton’s head.

Crooked Hillary just couldn’t help herself during a stop for her “Gutsy Women” book tour — she had to whine about her crushing 2016 election loss.

It has been nearly three years since Trump shellacked Hillary at the ballot box and she just won’t shut up.


“At the DC stop of our Gutsy Women tour, I laid out why impeachment is the only appropriate remedy for the administration asking—or outright extorting—foreign countries to intervene on his behalf in our elections,” Hillary said on Twitter.


Trump broke Hillary.

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said that she can “obviously” beat Trump “AGAIN” if she were to run for the White House.

“So maybe there does need to be a re-match. I mean obviously I can beat him again,” Hillary Clinton said, before saying she was kidding.

Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in an electoral landslide in 2016 — Hillary lost historically blue states such as Wisconsin and Michigan to Trump (she never even visited Wisconsin).

But she won the illegal alien popular vote. Someone give her a trophy.

President Trump has been mocking Hillary Clinton all week by inviting her to jump into the 2020 race.

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