MSNBC Reporter Says Joe Biden Is ‘Furious’ With Media For Covering Corruption Allegations (VIDEO)

Guest post by Mike LaChance at American Lookout

Joe Biden is clearly not used to being questioned by the media.

He thought he was going to enter the race for 2020 and get the same slobbering coverage that Obama got from the press in 2008.

Now people in the media are asking him questions about his son and Ukraine and he is not happy about it.

According to one reporter at MSNBC, he’s furious about it.

News Busters reports:

MSNBC: Biden ‘Furious’ With ‘Media Even Covering’ Corruption Allegations

During her 10:00 a.m. ET hour show on Friday, MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson informed viewers that the Joe Biden’s presidential campaign was “furious” that the “media is even covering” any allegations of corruption against his son Hunter. Later in the day, fellow anchor Andrea Mitchell touted a reporter sympathizing with Biden about the “brutal” campaign.

After noting that “the President is clearly going after Joe Biden” with an ad campaign highlighting Hunter Biden’s suspicious business dealings in Ukraine, Jackson proclaimed: “I know that the Biden campaign is furious with the fact that the media is even covering what the President is saying about Joe Biden at all.” Turning to correspondent Mike Memoli, she wondered: “How are they planning to fight back on all of this?”…

In the noon ET hour, anchor Andrea Mitchell eagerly featured a clip of Biden responding to a softball question about the controversy: “Meanwhile, The Reno Gazette, a reporter there, in Nevada, has asked Joe Biden if he expected the race to be this brutal.” The reporter sympathetically asked: “Did you think it would be this hard or the attacks would be so brutal against Hunter?”

Biden has a bigger problem than the media. His fundraising for the last quarter was awful.

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