“It’s Time We Allow the Truth to Come Out” – Mark Meadows: The Witnesses Continue to Confirm There Was No Quid Pro Quo (VIDEO)

The US House of Representatives is scheduled to vote Thursday morning on the future process of the Democrat Party’s impeachment proceedings also called the Schiff Empowerment Act.

The vote today will give Democrats and Adam Schiff complete power over the proceedings, and will block Republicans from releasing facts and transcripts and choosing witnesses.

The Trump White House will also be completely blocked from the process and neither Republicans nor The White House will be allowed to question the Democrat witnesses if the Adam Schiff does not approve of the questioning.


This is a process you would expect to see in Communist Cuba or the former Soviet Union. It says A LOT about today’s Democrat Party!

Freedom Caucus founder Mark Meadows joined America’s Newsroom this morning before the vote.

Meadows confirmed that several of the Democrat witnesses contradict each other and there is NO EVIDENCE of a Quid Pro Quo between President Trump and the Ukrainians.

This entire proceeding is based on a conspiracy hatched by Democrats and their deep state operatives in the Trump administration.

Mark Meadows: “What we know is this hasn’t been a fair process… What your viewers need to understand is each time that the witnesses are asked about holding up aid and was it held up for improper purposes, the answer is no. So anybody who has talked to the president is able to articulate that in a real way that really this aid hold up is nothing more than a normal process you would have. And ultimately was released without any promises being made by the Ukrainian president…. Some of the things the whistleblower has alleged in their complaint has been directly contradicted by not one, not two but MULTIPLE WITNESSES behind closed doors. So it’s time we allow the truth to come out.

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