House Democrats Zero in on “Abuse of Power” on Framework For Impeachment Inquiry: Report

House Democrats are zeroing in on “abuse of power” to build their impeachment case against President Trump.

“Abuse of power” is a very vague narrative involving Trump’s phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Democrats’ plan is to hold hearings in private behind closed doors without Minority members and then to selectively leak contents of the hearings to the media to shape public opinion.

NBC reported:

House Democrats are zeroing in on a framework for their impeachment case against President Donald Trump that will center on a simple “abuse of power” narrative involving the president’s actions regarding Ukraine, according to multiple people familiar with the deliberations.

Democratic House committee chairs and leaders are still debating the need for additional articles or charges that extend beyond the president’s dealings with Ukraine, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been adamant that the case against Trump must be targeted and easy to communicate in order to build public support, according to those familiar with discussions.

But one person familiar with the strategy said “abuse of power” when it comes to Ukraine is the “big point that Pelosi has been hammering home” and the umbrella under which “this all fits to connect it and help the public understand.”

President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Zelensky was completely above board which is why House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff had to fabricate Trump’s transcript and lie during a congressional hearing.

There was no abuse of power but the Democrats are desperate to impeach Trump as a way to stop his 2020 re-election campaign.

In 1999 Bill Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine on mutual legal assistance on criminal matters.

The treaty establishes a range of cooperation between the two governments about making testimony available, about making people available.

So there is a firm legal underpinning to the request made by President Trump to Ukrainian President Zelensky — Trump’s request for help with Crowdstrike to get to the bottom of ‘Russian hacking’ during the 2016 election was completely legal and appropriate.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian government was already planning on reopening the case against the Biden crime family in February of this year before Zelensky was even elected president.

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