Hillary Clinton Blasts Facebook for Not Censoring Enough Voices (Video)

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted Big Tech, specifically Facebook, for not censoring enough people.

Speaking at the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford’s School of Public Policy on Thursday, Clinton once again whined that she didn’t lose the 2016 election because of how unlikable she is — but because of Russians.

The ads purchased by Russians were unsophisticated at best and downright cheesy at worst. If Clinton thinks they cost her the election, she must really underestimate the American public.

Here are a sample of Facebook posts promoted by Russians during the 2016 election:

During her speech, Clinton told the crowd that she is very “disappointed” that Big Tech isn’t doing enough to support “free and fair elections.” Apparently, people being able to communicate is deeply unfair to her.

“I’m also really disappointed in a lot of the tech companies and I’ll mention Facebook because they’re the most influential,” Clinton said. “More people in the world get their news from Facebook than any combination of other news sources.”

The former First Lady took aim at Facebook specifically, complaining that they allow individuals to buy ads that are “totally untrue” and it isn’t fair. She also heavily implied that she thinks the nation is full of idiots.

“So how are voters supposed to know? I don’t know, I’m a voter, how am I supposed to know?” she asked. “We’re talking about really sophisticated propaganda.”

The extremely bitter Clinton pointed to four specific issues as the reason she lost, ignoring her own shortcomings as usual. She warned 2020 candidates to keep an eye out for voter suppression and the purging of voters, weaponized stolen information from campaigns, a “steady stream of outrageous, untrue stories” fed to people’s Facebook feeds and social media accounts, and actual election interference.

“All I want is a free, fair, transparent, honest election not interfered with by Russians or anybody else, so that the choice of the American people is actually the choice the American people made.”


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