Hah-Hah! Trump DESTROYS Pelosi and Schumer in WH Meeting: Communists Are Involved in Syria, “You Might like That” #ThirdRatePolitician

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck

President Trump got the best of Speaker Pelosi and the unhinged Democrats on Wednesday.

Congressional Democrats walked out of a White House meeting on Syria with President Trump on Wednesday.

Pelosi’s behavior was “unbecoming” according to Rep. McCarthy and the President responded to her by hammering the House Speaker, calling her a “third grade politician.”

President Trump then posted photos of the wild-eyed lecturing Pelosi after she immaturely stormed out of the White House meeting.

Trump called the meeting to discuss northern Syria and the warmongering Democrats insistence on keeping US troops in the region.

This did not make any headlines…

President Trump correctly called out the communists in the region and in the room during their discussion.

Chuck Schumer: He was insulting. Especially to the Speaker. She kept her cool completely. (lie) But he called her a third rate politician. He said that there were communists involved and you guys might like that.

Trump was right!

The Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) is a communist group.

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