GOP Lawmakers SLAM Democrats After Ukraine Envoy Kurt Volker’s Testimony to Congress IS A BUST … (VIDEO)

Former Ukrainian envoy Kurt Volker testified Thursday morning before the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight committees.

Volker resigned from his post last week.

Kurt Volker’s name appeared in a partisan CIA “whistleblower’s” complaint against President Donald Trump’s dealings with the Ukraine.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told reporters that Volker had encouraged him to speak to Ukrainian officials. Rudy offered saved text messages as proof of his conversations with Volker.

On Thursday during a break several Republicans told reporters that Ambassdor Volker has said nothing that coincides with the Democrat Party’s latest impeachment accusations.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told reporters during a break in Ambassador Kurt Volker’s testimony has been very impressive. And that his testimony conflicts with the accusations of Democrat leaders on Ukraine.

Rep. Jim Jordan: Ambassador Volker has been very impressive and as I said, has said NOTHING, nothing that coincides with what Democrats are saying with their whole impeachment narrative.

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