FOX News Trump-hater Chris Wallace: “Well-Connected” Republican Says 20% Chance GOP Senate May Remove Trump in Sham Impeachment

Well, Democrats can always count on Mitt.
They got that vote wrapped up.

Democrats would need 67 votes in the US Senate to impeach President Donald Trump.
They control 47 seats. So they would need to pick off 20 Republicans.
If Republicans vote to remove President Trump in impeachment it will be the end of the Grand Ole Party.
They will never win another election.

Trump-basher Chris Wallace today said a “well connected” Republican says there is a 20% chance that the GOP senate will vote to remove Donald Trump in impeachment.


The Hill reported:

Fox’s Chris Wallace said a “well-connected” Washington Republican told him that there’s a 20 percent chance enough Republicans will vote to remove President Trump from office in an impeachment trial in the Senate.

Wallace mentioned his source’s comments during an interview with acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on “Fox News Sunday.”

Wallace cited an overwhelming House vote criticizing the president’s policies in Syria and an op-ed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) slamming Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from that country.

He then said he had “talked to a very well-connected Republican in Washington, someone whose name you would know well, who says that if the House votes to impeach and it gets to a trial in the Senate, there’s now a 20 percent chance enough Republicans would vote with Democrats to impeach the president.”

The Fox anchor then asked Mulvaney if he was concerned about the president losing GOP support.

“That’s just absurd,” Mulvaney said. “The comment about the 20 percent is just a person who clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

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