Fourth Defendant in Federal Case Involving Giuliani’s Ukrainian-American Associates Arrested at JFK Airport

Lev Parnas (left), David Correia (right)

Welcome to the Banana Republic of the United States of America where only Trump and his associates are under criminal investigation and arrested by the feds while the Democrats commit treason, extort foreign leaders and engage in pay-to-play schemes without fear of reprisal.

David Correia, a fourth defendant in the federal case involving Giuliani’s Ukrainian-American associates was arrested Wednesday morning at JFK airport.

David Correia is a US citizen and a businessman who was named in the 21-page indictment which targeted Giuliani’s associates, Andrey Kakushkin, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

Andrey Kakushkin, a Ukainian-American associate of Correia’s was arrested last week in Californian and Parnas and Fruman were arrested last week at Dulles Airport waiting to board a one-way flight to Vienna, Austria.

Lev Parnas (L), Igor Fruman (R)

A 21-page indictment was unsealed last Thursday and prosecutors alleged the four men were ‘engaged in political activities in the US on behalf of one or more Ukrainian government officials.’

The feds alleged in the indictment that an unnamed Russian businessman (Foreign National-1) funneled campaign donations to Trump’s super PAC through a Limited Liability Corporation (GEP) created by Parnas and Fruman.

Parnas and Fruman funneled the money through their LLC and donated $325,000 to a primary pro-Trump super PAC.

The Federal Election Campaign Act prohibits foreigners from donating to candidates (this law apparently only applies to Trump supporters).

The feds were so meticulous in their targeting of the two Ukrainian-Americans that they alleged Igor Fruman purposely tried to evade the FEC by misspelling his name “Furman.”

“From in or about June 2018 through April 2019, LEV PARNAS, IGOR FRUMAN, DAVID CORREIA, and ANDREY KUKUSHKIN, the defendants, and others known and unknown, conspired to make political donations — funded by Foreign National-1 – to politicians and candidates for federal and State office to gain influence with candidates as to policies that would benefit a future business venture,” the indictment said.

“Moreover, and to conceal the true source of the contributions and donations funded by Foreign National-1, PARNAS, FRUMAN, CORREIA, and KUKUSHKIN caused the contributions and donations to be made in the defendants’ names rather than in the name of Foreign National-1.”

According to two sources who spoke to ABC News, the business relationship between Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the two Ukrainian-American men arrested last week is a subject of a criminal investigation by the FBI field office in New York and prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.

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