FINALLY! GOP Lawmakers Storm Secure Impeachment Chamber, Defend Trump, Shout at Lawless Dems – Coward Schiff Leaves Room!


Republican lawmakers on Wednesday barged into the secret impeachment chamber, defended President Trump and shouted at the lawless Democrats.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus such as Reps. Biggs and Gaetz led the way Wednesday.

The House Democrats brought in Pentagon official Laura Cooper for another secret hearing and the Republicans were not having it.

Things got so heated that the cowardly House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) left the room.

GOP lawmakers barged into the room and began shouting.

Cowardly Schiff got up and left the room!

Kansas GOP Rep Marshall said Schiff “just got up and left. He doesn’t have the guts to tell us why we can’t come in the room. Why he doesn’t want this to be transparent. It’s the biggest facade. The biggest farce”

About 30 Republican lawmakers staged a “sit-in” inside of the secure House Intel Committee rooms.

30 Republicans flooded the room before Cooper was about to begin.

Some of the Republican lawmakers brought their cell phones into the SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] so the Dems are sweeping the area.

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