ESPN Shows Map of China that Includes Taiwan, Hong Kong and Parts of the South China Sea

The NBA is showing where it stands on China and now ESPN has joined them.  NBA coaches think the US is as brutal as the China regime and ESPN’s reports include maps of China that include independent countries.

At one time it was a consensus in America to stand up to the Communists.
Not anymore.

We reported this past weekend that Houston Rockets General Manager posted a tweet on Saturday in support of the Hong Kong democracy protesters.

Then all hell broke loose.  The Chinese Communist Party was outraged that a General Manager to a US professional basketball team would stand with Democracy protesters over the Chi-coms.


Daryl Morey was later forced to apologized for offending the Chinese Communist party.

But that wasn’t enough.
The NBA also released a statement on Sunday apologizing to the Chinese Communists.



Coach Steve Kerr of Golden State said he had no comment on the China apology by the NBA.

Then the NBA shut down a reporter asking about the incident –

Now ESPN aired the story but used a map of China that comes from Mainland China.  

The map reportedly used by ESPN must come from Mainland China because it includes Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese man made islands in the South China Sea.

It appears President Donald Trump is the only one these days willing to take on The Chi-coms.  At least we have Donald.

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Hat tip Ron

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