DO IT! George Papadopoulos Teases Possible Congressional Run Against Naked Bong-Puffing Trouplet Katie Hill

Democrat Katie Hill is giving Democrat Ilhan Omar a run for her money as MOST CORRUPT DC lawmaker.

California Democrat Katie Hill is keeping busy as a Freshman representative in Washington DC.

The Freshman Democrat reportedly broke up with her throuple for another campaign worker.
Katie is a busy, busy girl.

Apparently, one of her scorned lovers sent photos to Redstate.
Oh my.

After Hill left the throuple her former husband Kenny Heslep was told “by numerous sources” that Hill had been involved in a sexual relationship for a year with her then-finance director, now Legislative Director, Graham Kelly.

On Thursday, new photos of a naked Katie Hill smoking a bong surfaced.

On Monday former Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos tweeted out that he may run for office against corrupt freshman Democrat Katie Hill.

Do it, George!

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