Dirty Nancy Pelosi Visits South Carolina for Event — Massive Trump Crowd Greets Her on Street (VIDEO)

This was great!

Dirty Nancy Pelosi traveled to South Carolina for a Democrat Party fundraiser in Greenville on Friday.

But before she made it to her event A MASSIVE TRUMP CROWD lined the streets to greet her.


Democrats want to impeach President Trump based on a total scam!
They’re trusting the liberal mainstream media to cover for them.

This is the definition of a coup.
Democrats are trying to remove a president while lying to the American people the entire time.

Rep. Adam Schiff and the Democrat mob are NOT sending actual subpoenas to the Trump people.
They are sending letters.

Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the mob squad don’t want to do anything which is standard or legal process in this coup attempt.

That way the Republicans and the Trump people cannot defend themselves from the coup attempt or bring their own witnesses or counterarguments.

They are trusting the liberal media to co-conspirators in this lie.

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