DELICIOUS: House GOP Members Who Stormed SCIF Now Ordering Chik-fil-A to Be Delivered for Lunch

One America News’ Jack Posobiec reports that many Republican lawmakers who stormed a closed-door impeachment inquiry by the Democrats are now refusing to leave the room and have ordered Chik-fil-A to be delivered to them for lunch.

Dozens of Republicans, lead by Rep. Matt Gaetz, stormed the secret closed-door deposition of Laura Cooper in protest of the closed hearing.

Democrats, of course, have long been upset about the fact that the fast-food chicken restaurant is owned by Republicans.

GOP Reps. Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan also bought Domino’s Pizza and offered some to the press.

Meadows delivered 14 boxes of Domino’s Pizza to the reporters who were camped out.

Cell phones are not allowed in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) where the hearing was taking place, but the members are passing messages to the public through their staff.

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff stormed out of the room after the group of Republicans entered the chamber and began shouting at them.

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