IG Report Delayed!… Chaffetz: I Have Not Seen Any Evidence FBI Director Wray Has Been Cooperative in IG Report (VIDEO)

On Monday Jason Chaffetz, Rep. Matt Gaetz and Kim Strassel joined Sean Hannity to discuss the latest developments surrounding the Inspector General’s report on FISA abuse.

According to Sean and Jason Chaffetz the report’s release continues to be pushed back. It was expected to be released this week but now there is news that it won’t be released until next week.  This is due to intra-agency squabbling over the proposed redactions.

The deep state is determined to delay this historic report on the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign.

Sean Hannity: Which brings us to the IG report. Congressman Chaffetz, it’s been taking us a long time. And we heard the end of this week. Now we heard the beginning of next week. I can never get a straight answer. You know, at some point are we going to see premeditated fraud on a FISA Court and people held accountable? Spying on a presidential campaign, transition and president?

Jason Chaffetz: It has been going on for an exceptionally long time. Evidently there’s an intra-agency debate and really a food fight if you will over the classification issues. Remember in the last report put out by Horowitz there were only seven words or so that were redacted. The Democrats threw a fit that they couldn’t see the whole thing. This could have 10-20% of the report redacted…

Sean Hannity: Is that director Wray who has not shown any willingness to clean up the greatest law enforcement agency in the world? Is that him?

Jason Chaffetz: I have not seen any evidence that Director Wray has been cooperative but I think we’re talking about other agencies, perhaps. Perhaps the CIA the NSA, there are others. Mr. Clapper, Mr. Brennan, are behind the scenes fighting as best they can. in front of the camera fighting as best they can. I think you need to look at what Mr. Comey, the director of the FBI and his interaction with Brennan in particular. What sort of collusion was happening in our government and overseas. That’s the deep concern, Sean.

Via Sean Hannity:

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