Black Trump Supporter in Minnesota Working to Register 15 Black Voters a Day, ‘Trump Will Win More of the Black Community Here’ (VIDEO)

Minnesota is in play for President Trump in 2020 and the Democrats are panicking that he may break through their ‘blue wall.’

President Trump held a massive rally in Minneapolis Thursday evening.

Tens-of-thousands of Trump supporters lined up Thursday in Minneapolis to see President Trump at the Target Center.

A Minneapolis rally volunteer named Ramon told Trump’s 2020 press sec Kayleigh McEnany that he is registering tons of black voters in Minnesota.

“I decided to do anything I can to help him out, you know, to get the African-American votes or to show that Trump is not a racist and he’s not the bad person that the media makes him out to be,” Ramon said.

“Do you think he’ll win more of the African-Americans this time than he did in 2016?” Kayleigh asked Ramon.

“Sure. For sure 100%,” Ramon said, adding that blacks are changing their vote to Trump in 2020.

“I do voter registration here in Minnesota and I’ve got a lot of African-Americans signed up to vote and I’m sure he will have a lot of African-American votes here in Minnesota.”

Ramon has a goal of registering 15 voters a day for President Trump in 2020!


Minnesota is a state President Trump lost by only 1.5 points to Crooked in 2016.

The only state Ronald Reagan lost in 1984 was Minnesota (and DC) — if Trump flips Minnesota red, that would be a YUGE victory!

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