AWFUL! Unhinged Martina Navratilova Attacks WWII Veteran’s Trip to Normandy in Cheap Shot at Trump and Ambassador Grenell

US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell accompanied his longtime partner Matt Lashey to Normandy this weekend. Matt’s grandfather returned to Normandy where he fought the Nazis as a 19-year-old from Ohio.

It was a beautiful moment that Ambassador Grenell captured on Twitter.

It didn’t take long though for an unhinged liberal to sh*t on the parade.

Crazed left-winger Martina Navratilova chimed in to attack the WW II veteran and his family.

Martina: You tweet this while our troops are under fire thanks to your guy trump? Have you any idea about what is going on in Syria now? #crickets

Ambassador Grenell shot back at the former tennis star.

Ambassador Grenell: My 95 yr old grandfather visits Normandy for the first time after he landed there as a 19 yr old teenager and you ridicule his moment? Seek help immediately! You have #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #greatestgeneration

Martina wasn’t through.

Ambassador Grenell then added this parting shot.

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