Whoa! David Axelrod Calls Out Joe Biden Over his Lies About Iraq War

Now this is interesting…
Former Barack Obama campaign manager David Axelrod called out Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for lying about his Iraq War record.

What makes this more interesting is that Biden was Obama’s running mate.

The Obamas have been strangely distant from their good friend Joe Biden this election season.


Now their former campaign manager is openly attacking the leading Democrat.

David Axelrod:  It’s one thing to have a well-earned rep for goofy, harmless gaffes. It’s another if you serially distort your own record. is in danger of creating a more damaging meme.

That was harsh.

As Slate reported on Biden’s record versus his words:

Biden voted to pass the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution on Oct. 11, 2002.* Though Biden now tells NPR that this was an intermediate step and that he had not expected it to lead directly to war, the possibility of invading Iraq to instigate “regime change” was explicitly under discussion at the time. In fact, the first article I found in a Nexis search for newspaper articles that included the words “regime change” in the months before the vote was an Aug. 1, 2002, New York Times piece that begins with the words, “In the first public hearings on the administration’s goal of ousting Saddam Hussein from the Iraqi presidency, an array of experts warned a Senate committee today that an invasion of Iraq would carry significant risks.” The chairman of that Senate committee was Joe Biden.

Nobody likes a liar, Joe.

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