Wall Street Journal Columnist NUKES Democrat Talking Points On Ukraine Debacle

Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal has emerged as a trustworthy news source in the age of Trump.

When it comes to the Democrats and this ridiculous Ukraine thing, Strassel has positively destroyed their talking points.

Townhall reports:


WSJ Columnist Notes What The ‘Favor’ Trump Was Asking Of The Ukrainian President…Liberals Won’t Like This

In the publication’s op-ed section, columnist Kimberley Strassel, who has torched many of the liberal talking points peddled by the Left in their years-long crusade to impeach Trump, went on a lengthy Twitter thread dissecting the latest spate of nonsensical allegations lobbed at the Trump White House over this phone call.

One, Trump was asking Ukraine for assistance in a U.S. investigation into 2016 election meddling, and it was the Ukrainians that brought up Biden. This is another “non-smoking gun.” Also, it proved that everyone got this story totally and utterly wrong.

See her series of tweets below:

That’s a smack down for the ages.

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