VIDEO: Michelle Malkin Joins Fellow Patriots at Pro-I.C.E. Rally In Tacoma, Site Of Attempted Firebombing

Conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin took the bold step of organizing a #StandWithICE rally at the federal detention center in Tacoma, Washington, on Saturday, the site of the antifa protest where crazed leftist Willem Van Spronsen attempted to fire the facility.

On hand were several patriots with American flags and MAGA hats. Radio host Jason Rants, of Seattle based KTTH, covered the event on his twitter page.

Also there was Portland based journalist Andy Ngo, the victim of an antifa assault back in June, for which not a single perpetrator has been identified or arrested by the Portland Police, despite the incident taking place in front of police headquarters with officers witnessing the attack.

It doesn’t appear that any antifa terrorists made their way to the event, as it was probably too far from where public transit drops them off and they opted to chill in mommy’s basement instead.

This is part of a national tour Malkin is embarking on to support ICE and promote her new book, Open Borders Inc. She staged a similar rally in Aurora, Colorado, earlier this month, and she’ll be appearing in Bellevue, Washington (just east of Seattle) on Monday, and appearing in Portland on Tuesday.


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