US Embassy in Zimbabwe Deletes Outrageous Tweet on Murderous Tyrant Mugabe After Tucker Carlson Calls for Ambassador to be Recalled

On Friday brutal Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe died at 95 of cancer.
The former president of Zimbabwe was in Singapore when he passed away.

Mugabe was famous for destroying the economy of Zimbabwe, the former breadbasket of Africa.

In 2014 Robert Mugabe said white farmers should never be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe.
And they should go.


Mugabe killed anyone who sided with his opponents. At least 20,000 people were slaughtered during his quest for power.

Mugabe was famous for sending thugs out to beat his political opposition. And there is even video of the Mugabe Regime attacking opposition leaders.

Following his death on Friday the US Embassy in Harrare, Zimbabwe released a tweet “mourning” the brutal tyrant’s death.

Following this outrageous tweet Tucker Carlson called on the US Ambassador of Zimbabwe to be recalled.

Tucker Carlson: Apparently the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe signed off on it. He should be recalled for that… This is when you know the executive branch of government is completely out of control. That it’s being run by bureaucrats who don’t care at all who was elected, who are acting out their left wing agendas without any restraint. Because Robert Mugabe was such a bad leader that no normal person would look at him and say we need to mourn his passing. Not one person. The only words in response to his death would be “good riddance.”… He literally committed genocide against an ethnic group almost as soon as he was elected in 1980. Robert Mugabe didn’t liberate his nation he completely destroyed it. And the US State Department doesn’t understand that. Somebody ought to get to the bottom of who sent those tweets out and who sent that statement out.

Following Tucker Carlson’s rebuke last night the US Embassy in Harrare deleted the outrageous tweet.



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