UPDATE: Odessa Shooter Had been “Calling FBI and Police FOR YEARS” Leaving Incoherent Messages Before Mass Shooting

There was another mass shooting in Odessa, Texas last Saturday afternoon.

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Police shot and killed the shooter at a cinema parking lot.

20 people were injured in the shooting.
Seven people were killed.

36-year-old Seth Ator, a resident of Odessa, Texas was named as the assailant on Sunday nearly 24 hours after the shooting.
He opened fire on state troopers during a traffic stop.


The shooter had a criminal record.

Governor Greg Abbott called for keeping weapons “out of criminals’ hands” in a tweet on Monday.
He noted the Odessa shooter had failed a background check.

Seth Ator’s neighbor said he was aggressive and violent.

UPDATE– The gunman called both the FBI and police before the shooting after he was fired from his job.

And now this…

The shooter Seth Ator had been calling the FBI and police “for years” and “leaving incoherent messages” before the mass shooting.

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