Tulsi Shut Out From Debate Despite Polling 4th Place In N.H.; Still Googled More Than Booker, Beto, Klobuchar

Tulsi Gabbard

If you were daring enough to watch the third episode of the 2020 democrat Presidential debate (spoiler alert: More arguing over who would give out the most “free stuff”), you’d have noticed the absence of Tulsi Gabbard. She was shut out of the debate, along with Marianne Williamson, Tom Steyer, and Kirsten Gillibrand. This is despite Gabbard now polling in 4th place in the most recent New Hampshire poll via HarrisX, ahead of several candidate who were invited to the debate.

It’s not an anomaly, as she polled higher than five of them in another recent poll.

Five Thirty Eight shows her consistently polling ahead of several of the debate participants in New Hampshire.


Even though she wasn’t invited to the debate stage, the first post-debate poll, via College Pulse, shows Tulsi polling ahead of Booker, Castro, and Klobuchar.

What’s more, even after the debate on ABC, Tulsi is still beat out Booker, Beto, and Klobuchar in Google searches afterward.


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