Tulsi Gabbard Qualifies for Fourth Democratic Presidential Debate After Being Shut Out in September

Tulsi Gabbard

After being shut out of the third Democratic presidential debate by arbitrary rules placed on candidates by the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has now qualified for the upcoming fourth one taking place in October.

Rep. Gabbard officially secured her podium on the stage after a new poll released by Monmouth University on Tuesday showed that she has 2 percent support in New Hampshire.

In order for a candidate to qualify for the October debate, they must have at least 2 percent support in four polls that are approved by the DNC and have at least 130,000 individual donors to their campaign.

There are now twelve candidates who have made the cut for the fourth debate. The DNC will be deciding if the debate will be split into two nights after they figure out how many people make the cut after the deadline on October 1.

The fifth debate will have even stricter requirements, The Hill reports that “candidates will have to amass the support for at least 165,000 donors and score 3 percent or higher in four qualifying polls or at least 5 percent in two approved early-state polls.”

Gabbard has drawn much ire from establishment Democrats, likely because she refuses to fall in lockstep with the rest of the party. Gabbard does not support late term abortion, has stood up against conservatives being censored on social media, has said that she would pardon Julian Assange and is currently suing Google for $50 million over the company blocking her campaign from buying ads following the first debate.


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