Trump Slams Democrat Climate Change Cult, “Your Way of Life is Under Assault by These People” (VIDEO)

President Trump held a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina Monday night ahead of a special election to show support for Republican candidates Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy.

“A vote for any Democrat in 2020, and a vote for any Democrat tomorrow is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream,” Trump said. “Our first task is a giant victory tomorrow right here in the great state of North Carolina.”

Trump slammed the Democrat climate change cult and told the crowd, “your way of life is under assault by these people.”



President Trump is correct. Our way of life is under assault by the Dem-Communist party and they are openly admitting they want to control every aspect of our lives and take us back to the dark ages.

2020 Democrat candidates participated in a 7-hour long CNN climate change town hall last Wednesday evening and they admitted they pretty much want to ban everything that Americans use on a daily basis to survive.

Communist crackpot Bernie Sanders not only called for mass global genocide and population reduction, he admitted that banning incandescent light bulbs, factory farming and other modern day advances will bring greater human misery.

‘Sure, there will be some pain,’ Bernie said to applause from the liberal dolts clapping like seals.

Senator Kamala Harris wants to ban plastic straws and phase out red meat.

Fake Indian Pocahontas Warren said she wants to ban nuclear power plants: “We’re not going to build any nuclear power plants and we’re going to start weaning ourselves off of nuclear energy and replacing it with renewable fuels. We’re going to get it all done by 2035.”

Spartacus Booker said he wants to ban off-shore drilling and fossil fuels.

Bloody-eyed Biden said he wants to shut down coal plants.

And to top off the insanity, Communist Andrew Yang said he wants a “carbon free America”…so he’s all in favor of snuffing out life completely in the United States — and every Dem candidate agreed with him.

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