Trump on Reports Pelosi to Support Impeachment: “They Say It’s a Positive For Me”

President Trump spoke to the press about impeachment during a Tuesday afternoon meeting at the UN in New York City with Iraq President Barham Salih, according to reports. The presser was videotaped for later release.

Snippets of the pool reports are being passed around, “They say it’s a positive for me,” Trump says of an impeachment inquiry, per UN pooler @agearan. “How can you do this and you haven’t even seen the phone call?” Then says he is going to win the election.

“NEW: When asked about impeachment, President Trump says: “They are going to lose the election. If she does that, [it’s a] positive for me.”


Pelosi is expected to announce her support for an impeachment inquiry at a 5 p.m. presser following meetings with House Democrat leadership and caucus members.

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