“Too Bad, Pal. Too Late!” Mark Levin Responds to Attorneys for CIA Operative Behind Whistleblower Report Who Want Their Client to Remain Anonymous

Earlier this week we reported that Deep State “whistleblower” who spoke out on President Trump’s call to the Ukrainian President in July, but who was not on the call, hired Attorney Andrew Bakaj to represent him/her.

Attorney Andrew Bakaj is representing the anonymous client who filed a whistleblower complaint based on rumors he heard of a Trump phone call.

Andrew Bakaj formerly worked for Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton as a staffer.


Compass Rose Legal and Andrew Bakaj released a statement on Tuesday night
statement concerning their CIA operative “whistleblower.”

Lead Attorney for the Intelligence Community Whistleblower

Andrew Bakaj worked for Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday Bakaj and his firm warned that publishing information on the partisan whistleblower was dangerous.

Attorney Bakaj wants to keep the identity of the CIA operative who compiled the fraudulent report on President Trump’s call to Ukraine private.

The CIA operative wants to remain anonymous as he plots a coup against the president based on rumors and lies.

Mark Levin weighed in on this last night on Hannity.

Levin responded to Bakaj, “Too bad, pal. Too late!”

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