Swalwell on Trump Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint: “Five Alarm Concern”, Says “Other Witnesses to Disturbing Conduct”

The Trump administration released the alleged whistleblower complaint about President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees late Wednesday afternoon. Members who have reviewed the top secret complaint are starting to comment. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), a Trump-hating failed 2020 presidential candidate, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer the complaint is a “five alarm concern for me” and that the whistleblower alleges other witnesses.

UPDATED with TGP transcript:

Blitzer: “You’ve now had a chance to into that secure room, read the whistleblower complaint for yourself–I know it’s classified–but how much more context does this provide beyond the rough summary or transcript we got of the July phone call between the President and the Ukrainian leader?”


Swalwell: Well, Wolf, I’ll just say the complaint itself is a five alarm concern for me. Now I can’t relate it to the President’s transcript or the notes he put out because the Director of National Intelligence won’t allow us to say anything about that. We’re gonna clear that up with him tomorrow.”

“But what is important here is that the complaint laid out in a very professional way gives us further evidence to seek other witnesses to find and documents, as well as witnesses who would corroborate what he or she is complaining is an ‘urgent and credible concern’ which I also found to be an urgent and credible concern.”

Blitzer: Does the complaint proved a specific road map for your committee to take in the next in the next steps in your investigation?”

Swalwell: “It does. And I want to thank the whistleblower for coming forward because, uh, what’s so alarming about this is uh, the number of people around, you know, around the conduct that occurred and , uh, who didn’t say anything, and so it was this whistleblower who came forward. My hope Wolf is that if other people are out there and they want to be patriotic and the want to be, uh, brave and they want to do the right thing, uh, that they will follow this whistleblower’s, uh, lead because it is actually shocking that so many people saw this conduct and didn’t come forward, so thank you to this whistleblower.”

Video clip via CNN:

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