Rep. John Ratcliffe UNLOADS on Horrible, Turncoat Republican Senators: I Expected Pushback from Senators, I Didn’t Expect them to Be Republicans (VIDEO)

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the latest developments in the Obama-Comey Spygate Scandal and his recent nomination as Director of National Intelligence.

Ratcliffe withdrew his nomination after Republican senators, against the wishes of the Republican President, would not support him.

GOP Senators Mitch McConnell and Richard Burr refused to meet with the president’s nominee.


Ratcliffe has been leading the investigation against corruption in the US intelligence community. Obviously, this upset Senators McConnell and Burr.

Ratcliffe unloaded on these disgusting, outrageous turncoat senate Republicans.

Rep. John Ratcliffe: It was a great privilege for the president to ask me to serve as the Director of National Intelligence.  Not only was I qualified for that position but more importantly Maria I was committed to an intelligence community that doesn’t unmask people for political reasons, doesn’t use garbage like the Steele Dossier as part of the official intelligence community assessment.  And I was committed to getting answers to why that had been happening in the Obama administration.  And that made a lot of people nervous.  So, I certainly expected because of that a wave of the false media stories that came and I expected there to be a lot of senators saying I was too political.  I just didn’t expect some of those senators to be Republican whose support I needed.  So,, yest there is a toxic environment that makes it a difficult place to go to work.

Maria Bartiromo:  Look, let’s talk about who threw you under the bus.  Your colleagues in the senate, right?  Was it Mitch McConnell and Richard Burr?  Did they go against you so you couldn’t get that job?

Rep. Ratcliffe:  Well, Maria, I made a consideration to withdraw from consideration because if your political future comes down to the vote of a hundred US senators and if you start out day one down 47 to nothing because every Democrat is against you my concern was there’s not a lot of margin for error there and some of the most important senators whose support I needed I went to in July and was told they couldn’t sit down and meet with me until September.  So I took that as a sign that they weren’t as committed to my confirmation as the president was and I decided I would better serve in the position that I am.

Trump supporters really need to target some of these horrid Republicans in the GOP primaries.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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