“PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!”; “Witch Hunt Garbage” – President Trump on Impeachment Inquiry Announced by Speaker Pelosi

President Trump returned to his home at Trump Tower in Manhattan just in time to watch Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announce an impeachment inquiry against him.

Immediately following Pelosi’s statement Trump fired off on Twitter, “Such an important day at the United Nations, so much work and so much success, and the Democrats purposely had to ruin and demean it with more breaking news Witch Hunt garbage. So bad for our Country!”

“Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and, of course, Maxine Waters! Can you believe this?”


“They never even saw the transcript of the call. A total Witch Hunt!”


The Deep State leak last week about Trump’s July 25 call with the Ukraine president was apparently timed to sabotage Trump’s diplomacy at the UN this week and provoke an impeachment inquiry.

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