Pennsylvania Fire Company Shut Down After Refusing to Fire a Volunteer Firefighter Who Joined the Proud Boys

A fire company in Pennsylvania has been shut down for refusing to fire or accept the resignation of a volunteer firefighter who had started the process of joining the Proud Boys.

The Proud Boys, founded by comedian Gavin McInnes, is a diverse right-wing and pro-Trump social club for men.

Haverford Township announced in a statement on Wednesday saying that they are shutting down the Bon Air Fire Company “indefinitely” for failing to remove Bruce McClay Jr. as a volunteer.

“Given the fire company board’s failure to act, the township is compelled to take action,” the township said in a statement. “Effective by close of business Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019, the Bon Air Fire Company has been relieved of duty indefinitely.”

Steve D’Emilio, Ward 1 commissioner in Haverford, told the Philadelphia Enquirer that the Proud Boys are a “hate group” so he clearly can’t be allowed to help save people from fires.

“Listen, they represent the township,” he said. “Even though they’re a volunteer group, they represent the township. And you can’t have someone who represents the township belonging to any hate groups. You can’t have it.”

The Enquirer reports:

“On Aug. 14, Burman’s letter states, he and the chief of police met with Bon Air officials to make them aware of the seriousness of the issue and urge them to address it. And on Aug. 15, the letter continues, Burman was told by Bon Air that McClay had tried to resign, but that the company declined to accept his resignation.

On Aug. 22, fire company officials told the township they ‘found no basis’ for dismissing the volunteer.

On the Bon Air website, McClay is listed as a lieutenant and vice president of the board of directors.”

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