Never-Trump Chris Wallace Blows a Gasket After Stephen Miller Tells Him: “A Partisan Hit Job Does Not Make You a Whistleblower” (VIDEO)

President Trump political advisor Stephen Miller joined Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday earlier today.

Wallace interrupted Miller and hurled continuous smears, conspiracies and insults at President Trump.
Chris Wallace cannot even hide his bias against this administration.

FOX News Sunday is truly unwatchable these days with this toxic Trump-hater as its host.

During the discussion Stephen Miller corrected Wallace on the alleged whistleblower.


The only reason the Democrat-media complex is able to call this partisan hack a whistle-blower is because the deep state change their whistleblower forms last month to include hearsay and rumors.

Stephen Miller correctly described the latest attack on the US President as a “deep state hit” pure and simple.

Stephen Miller: I think it’s unfortunate that the media continues to describe this individual as a whistleblower, an honorific that this individual certainly does not deserve. A partisan hit job does not make you a whistleblower just because you go through the whistleblower protection act.

Miller was great. Wallace was unbearable.

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