Michelle Malkin Takes on the Illegal Immigration Industry in her Latest Best-Seller “Open Borders Inc.” — Check Out Her Book Signing Events HERE

Author, blogger, political commentator and conservative powerhouse Michelle Malkin recently announced a national US Border and Sanctuary City Tour to promote her latest best-seller Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction.

In Open Borders Inc. Michelle Malkin reveals the radical organisations, driven by financial profit and politics, behind the country’s latest immigration crisis.

Michelle Malkin went on with Jack Posobiec on One America News to discuss her latest book last week.


In her book Michelle identifies over 400 individual organizations and non-profits, non-governmental organizations that are involved in America’s latest border crisis.

Malkin breaks down who our enemies are — both foreign and domestic.

Foreign enemies attacking our borders include:

  1. Sin Fronteras (Without Borders), an radical left-wing group that is aiding and abetting the massive caravans of asylum seekers marching through Central America and through Mexico to the US border.
  2. George Soros: The Hungarian-born billionaire who Malkin calls the “undisputed heavy-weight, central financier, and chief executive officer of Open Borders Inc.”
  3. Unholy Alliance: The Pope, Catholic Bishops, and Amnesty Profiteers: ‘The Pope condemns the US for wanting to build walls and increase security while he is protected by barriers and bulletproof glass.’ — Malkin argues that the Pope wants to flood the US with migrants from Hispanic Catholic counties because in North America, the Catholic church is losing members at a very fast rate and as a result, the Church is losing money and influence.
  4. The Refugee Resettlement Racket: Malkin reveals how abuse from the judiciary is allowing criminal “Refujihadis” from Muslim majority Middle Eastern countries to remain in the US despite having no job skills and committing multiple crimes.

Domestic enemies attacking our borders include:

  1. Abolish ICE, Antifa, and Sanctuary Anarchists: Democratic Socialists and their masked troops on the ground (Antifa) are mobilizing on social media to intimidate ICE agents and to shut down ICE facilities.
  2. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC): Also known as the “hate machine,” the SPLC labels conservatives and conservative organizations as “hate groups,” “white supremacists” and “Nazis” in order to discredit their work, destroy their lives and ruin them financially.
  3. Hollywood: Hypocritical celebrities who have giant walls around their multi-million dollar mansions are pro-illegal immigration (after all, who is going to clean their estates?)
  4. The Liberal Media: The mainstream media hates America and is in bed with Antifa, protects illegal aliens and demonizes Angel moms.

Here is Michelle’s latest list of the confirmed events and book signings for Open Borders Inc.

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