Like Clockwork… #NeverTrump Jeff Flake Jumps into Action – Smears Trump on Impeachment

Jeff Flake is the worst of the worst.
At least he’s good at something.

The former disgraced RINO Senator gladly attacked and smeared Trump in the far left Washington Post on Monday.

Flake writes: “Whether or not you believe the President’s actions and behavior warrant impeachment, you cannot believe that his actions and behavior merit reelection.”


Trump is the best economic president in half a century and the has achieved the most on foreign policy than any of his predecessors.

He also broke no laws and did nothing illicit on his call with the Ukrainian President.

Trump also had to endure the constant abuse from #NeverTrumpers like you, Jeff.

So ‘yes,’ Jeff.
President Trump deserves to be reelected in a landslide.

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