LIKE A ROLLING STONE: Big Liberal Mag Says Joe Should Drop Out Of Race

Joe Biden is no spring chicken. In fact, he’s not even a late-fall chicken.

Biden, at 76, is old, realllllly old. He falls asleep at events, can hardly utter a sentence without misspeaking, and sometimes his eyeball just fills up with blood.

While still the front runner in all the polls, Biden is no longer inevitable. And some prominent backs of the past have begun to bail.


Take Rolling Stone magazine, the cultural icon for decades. They’re now saying no to Joe.

“Why It’s Time for Joe to Go,” says a headline of a piece posted Friday, with a subhead that read: “Democrats need an antiracist nominee to run against a racist like Donald Trump. The third debate confirmed Biden isn’t up to the task.”

Despite Biden’s swelling poll numbers with black voters, we don’t have to trust him. In fact, the former vice president should do the honorable thing after that disgrace of a debate and remove himself from contention for the nomination. Yes, even with him leading most polls. It isn’t about him winning. It’s about the party winning, then having a successful presidency undoing Trump’s racist policies.

Democrats will need an antiracist candidate to defeat Trump because Trump is a white nationalist with white-nationlist policies. Good poll numbers with the black electorate do not make one antiracist. A moderate, milquetoast criminal-justice plan that largely seeks to repair some of the damage he did with the 1994 crime bill does not make one antiracist. Biden not only isn’t picking up what it means to fit the definition, but his debate remarks provide evidence that he is actively rejecting it. As such, he should leave the race to contenders who have the party’s most loyal constituency, black voters, in mind.

The lengthy article runs through all the ways Biden is racist, and ends with this:

“If defeating Trump in 2020 is as important to Biden as he so often claims, he should end his campaign and remove himself from contention for president.”


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