JUDICIAL HARASSMENT: 2nd Circuit Revives Emoluments Clause Lawsuit Against Trump After District Judge Previously Dismissed Case

The 2nd Circuit revived the Citizens for Ethics Emoluments Clause lawsuit against President Trump after a district court judge had previously dismissed the case for lack of standing — it’s now back on.

“It’s been nearly two years since a federal judge in NY dismissed this case, and more than a year since it was argued in the 2nd Circuit — it now puts a third emoluments clause case against Trump back in play (the other cases are at various stages before the 4th and DC Circuits)” BuzzFeed legal reporter Zoe Tillman said.

The emoluments clause is a provision that bars US presidents from accepting gifts from foreign governments without permission from Congress first.

There are currently several lawsuits against President Trump alleging he’s violating the emoluments clause, however he has had some success against the rabid Dems in court.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in July dismissed with prejudice a similar lawsuit filed by DC and Maryland claiming President Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution because foreign government officials stay at Trump’s DC hotel.

The attorneys general of DC and Maryland brought the lawsuit against Trump two years ago and the ruling from a unanimous three-judge panel asserting they lack the legal standing to bring the lawsuit is a big win for Trump.

President Trump suffered a set back in June in a separate lawsuit brought by over 200 rabid Congressional Democrats who are seeking a DC federal court to require that Trump get approval from lawmakers before he accepts any financial benefits from foreign governments.

Loser Democrat lawmakers, who couldn’t even run a successful lemonade stand, are targeting president Trump and accusing him of violating the very rarely litigated emoluments clause of the US Constitution by claiming his luxury hotels which are blocks from the White House is evidence Trump is receiving benefits.

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