Jorge Ramos Challenges Biden, Dems Over Obama’s Record on Immigration at Democrat Presidential Debate

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos dominated the Democratic Party presidential debate in Houston, Texas Thursday night, challenging the candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden, on the Democrats’ and the Obama administration’s record on deportations and failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. Ramos spoke in Spanish and English in his introduction, telling Latino viewers, “I am telling Latinos that despite the fact that we are facing difficult times, this is our country, too.”

Ramos repeatedly pushed the candidates on enforcing immigration laws, implying it was wrong of them to do so, at one point getting the candidates to argue over the Obama administration’s record on illegal immigration.

Ramos was able to set Democrat against Democrat on illegal immigration.

Ramos attacked Trump supporters as racist.

Ramos’ activism was well-received by liberals:

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