In Select Theaters November 1st – Steve Bannon Stars in “American Dharma”

“I’d rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.”
– Steve Bannon

Academy Award winner Errol Morris’s American Dharma is set for release in select theaters November 1st.

American Dharma is a portrait of controversial political strategist and former Donald Trump advisor, Steve Bannon.


According to reviews: It displays a clear vision of what the current politically correct elite does wrong in the eyes of the “common” man, failing to solve any of the issues we have nowadays, merely make toothless compromises and never take a real stand against things that “everyone” sees going in the wrong direction. There is an urgent need for change, as Bannon repeatedly states. And getting Trump elected is a blunt instrument (his words) to get things changed. Any of the other Republican candidates would only prolong the status quo, so Trump was in fact the only way out.

The film promises to be an excellent project on the leading political strategist in America today, Steve Bannon.

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