Hillary Clinton Tells Italian Press That Her Email Scandal Is ‘One of the Strangest, Most Absurd Events in American Political History’ (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton should be in jail for transmitting classified information over a private server, not walking the streets of Italy and mocking the US from abroad.

Hillary Clinton visited an art exhibit in Venice, Italy last week which displayed 60,000 pages of her ’emails’ she sent over her private server.

The artist, Kenneth Goldsmith, printed up 60,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails that somehow managed to survive her BleachBit spree and called the exhibit, “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails.”


Crooked rifled through her emails for nearly an hour like a crazy person (BleachBit emails not included).


Hillary laughed as she told the Italian press that her email scandal “one of the strangest, most absurd events in American political history.”

“Anyone can go in, take a look at them — there’s nothing there,” Hillary said.

Of course there’s “nothing there” because Hillary’s aides destroyed 33,000 emails with BleachBit and her BlackBerrys and iPads were destroyed with hammers.

WATCH Part 1:

Hillary then spread the great lie that Russia hacked the election and stole it from her.


Hillary posted a photo of herself sitting at a replica of the Oval Office Resolute Desk with her ’emails’ mocking GOP lawmakers who failed to nab her for her criminality.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch broke the story of Hillary’s private server wide open, then obtained thousands of Hillary Clinton’s ‘lost’ emails through FOIA lawsuits and discovered several instances where she transmitted classified information over her private email.

In one case, the name of a clandestine CIA agent was revealed in one of Hillary’s emails yet she thinks it’s a laughing matter.

Furthermore, Congressman Louie Gohmert revealed in a July 2018 hearing that ALL of Hillary Clinton’s email except for four were forwarded to China.

But there’s nothing to see, just asked Hillary.

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