Georgia Lawmakers Mull Restoring Voting Rights For Convicted Felons

First Florida, now Georgia.

Georgia Senators (including Republicans) are considering restoring voting rights for non-violent, convicted felons.

There are approximately 250,000 convicted felons in the state of Georgia.


The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported:

Georgia senators on Friday began considering whether to restore the voting rights of many of the state’s 250,000 felons, especially those who were convicted of nonviolent crimes.

State Sen. Randy Robertson, the chairman of a committee studying the issue, said it’s important for the Senate to evaluate whether felons should be able to vote.

Senators and criminal justice groups appeared to agree that those convicted of drug possession charges should be able to vote when they’re freed from prison. It’s unclear whether other offenses, such as drug distribution, shoplifting and burglary, would qualify.

Most of Georgia’s felons, about 80%, are already living in their communities while finishing their probation or parole, said Maxwell Ruppersburg, the executive director of Reform Georgia, an organization focused on reducing incarceration.

Florida voted in favor of restoring voting rights to non-violent felons in 2018.


Featured image via AJC

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