Former Government Directors, Attorneys and Agents Livid with Deep State CIA Whistleblower – “He Should Be Fired and Brought Up for Treason”

Former US government deputies, attorneys and agents are very upset with the Deep State “whistleblower” that attacked President Trump with bogus secondhand charges.  Some are even calling for his arrest and immediate indictment for treason!

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, former CIA Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under five different administrations, shared the following in an urgent message to President Trump calling the current events “nothing more than a disguised coup by the CIA“.  Dr. Pieczenik also claims “there is no such thing as a whistleblower in the CIA“.

Then he said this –

There is no such thing as good Samaritan or whistleblower at the CIA.  He should be fired and brought up for treason as well as any of the analysts.”

As we reported on Thursday, former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing shared this –

Joe diGenova: Joe Biden shook down the Ukrainian government. It’s very simple. And they lied about Victor Shokin being corrupt… This was a setup and what we’re now seeing is the Democratic party trying to cover that up and therefore you have the whistleblower in the White House come forward, who actually knows nothing. And has created a document with the help of lawyers from other people. This whistleblower needs to go to prison. He doesn’t need to be feted. He needs to go to prison.

Victoria Toensing: Sean I want to jump in here too. On these false statements how did that work? US and other people made false statements about him. Yeah, that was George Soros funded NGOs who were also in bed with the State Department… My last point here. The whistleblower sprinkles throughout his document footnotes referring to a publication with the initials OCCRP. One guess, Sean, who funds OCCRP. George Soros.

Joe diGenova: Soros’s dirty money is all over this story.

Former CIA, Department of State, and ICIG officer, Pedro Israel Orta, with extensive knowledge/ experience on Intelligence Community whistleblowing standards, policies, and procedures weighed in on the issue through a series of tweets claiming the incident used second hand rumors on information under executive privilege –

Orta then claims in a series of tweets that the CIA and the IC IG (Intel Community’s Inspector General) dropped the ball on a number of cases but somehow let this one that is not legal to go through?

Then Orta notes that the GAO is investigating the IC IG for the cases Orta notes in his tweets –

Former CIA agent Sabrina De Sousa (@sadiso) knows the Deep State’s actions well. As we reported in July, former President Obama and his CIA Director John Brennan ignored De Sousa’s pleas for help and left her to rot in a Portuguese prison. Lucky for her, Donald Trump was elected President. After the election, her situation was alleviated by the Trump Administration for which she is grateful.

De Sousa believes that before the 2016 election Obama’s CIA was significantly emboldened with Brennan taking over all National Security issues where he had enormous latitude to do whatever he wanted, “knowing Obama and then Clinton would have his back”.

De Sousa, with Portuguese heritage was eventually locked up in a Portuguese jail.  In her efforts to exonerate herself from false charges in Italy, De Sousa claims that she was helped by US Representative Devin Nunes, who she said also has some Portuguese ancestry. Nunes tried three times to intercede on her behalf while she was in Portugal, but this was all denied by Obama. Obama gave the impression through his actions that he didn’t care if US Intelligence employees were imprisoned for false crimes around the world or not.

De Sousa says that former CIA Directors like Michael Hayden also refused to act on her behalf in the past. People like Brennan and Hayden were fine with having their employees rot in foreign jails rather than have their own crimes related to a case be brought out into the public spotlight.

For the record, Michael Hayden smeared this website during an appearance on CSPAN. We have demanded he retract his smears which he as ignored.

De Sousa shared that she believed she would get nowhere with a whistleblower complaint with the CIA so she when she felt that she had exhausted all internal procedures per regulations she finally contacted the CIA Inspector General (IG) twice. She was told that her case “was not part of their charter or mission”.

De Sousa said that she tried with the OmBudsman who was really sympathetic but was told to back off. So by law she knew she could approach Congress but walls came up again. Her attorney wrote several letters to members of the Senate Intel Committee, but no response. She finally hand carried a letter appropriately classified with some evidence to Senator Feinstein’s security office, requesting that she investigate but it too was ignored.

De Sousa claims she basically tried the whistleblower system with the CIA but it did not work. She says the current CIA whistleblower complaint is not related to intelligence but policy, for which the President has wide latitude.

The fact that the whistleblower brought up “misuse” of the classified server in the White House is noteworthy, she says. It’s like the whistleblower was directed by “others” to include this bit in because they know it would roil up the President and all those supporters who for the past two years have sought an investigations into Hillary’s home brew server with the classified information on it.

She says, “I am one of those demanding a just system for handling classified info”. After President Trump was in power, he supported her and prevented her from going to jail in Italy.

The honest actors in the US government are livid with the criminal actions of the Ukraine whistleblower.   He should be fired and indicted for treason!

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