Former Attorney General Matt Whitaker: This is a Prime Example Where Deep State Has Used Illegitimate Tool to Attack Trump (Video)

You know the permanent bureaucratic class is out of control when the former Attorney General refers to this criminal cabal as the “Deep State.”

Former Attorney General called the Deep State on Thursday following the leak of a private conversation between President Trump and the Ukrainian leader.

Via FOX News:


Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker took issue on Thursday with a reported whistleblower complaint about incidents including a private conversation between President Trump and a foreign leader.

“This is a clear example of someone from the Deep State … from the intelligence community,” Whitaker said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” “It was completely overblown. … It will be a big nothing burger.”

He called the incident an example of “outrageous conduct.”

President Trump retweeted Matt Whitaker’s comments on Saturday.

Matt Whitaker: I just think in this situation this is a prime example where the deep state has tried to use an illegitimate tool to throw up a smoke screen to distract the people on how good things are going.

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