FIREWORKS! Jesse Watters Invites Anthony Scaramucci on His Show to Discuss Trump and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! (VIDEO)

Jesse Watters invited former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on his Saturday night FOX News show after his recent flip-flop on President Trump.

In the past month Anthony Scaramucci has labeled his former boss President Trump a fascist and cult leader. He is a hero on the left for calling the US president deranged and unfit for office. This is the same guy who wrote a book praising President Trump in “Trump the Blue Collar President.” The book was released in October 2018 less than a year ago.

The segment started out with Jesse asking the Mooch what happened to make him flip on Trump like he did. Scaramucci made fun of Jesse’s perfect hair. The two then started talking over eachother. Jesse played previous video clips on Anthony praising Trump. Scaramucci said something about Jesse’s fiance. And then towards the end of the show Jesse made short jokes — saying they had to put pillows on the chair to boost up the Mooch.



Via Watters World:

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