EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton’s Attorney Is Preventing Roger Stone from Obtaining ‘Evidence’ of Russia Hacking from Crowdstrike!

Roger Stone is under indictment for lying to Congress.  Stone attempted to obtain evidence that would help his case from Crowdstrike, the Google owned entity that holds the only ‘evidence’ that Russia hacked the DNC’s emails before the 2016.

Stone is being prevented from obtaining Crowdstrike’s ‘evidence’ by Hillary Clinton’s attorney!

Stone was arrested early in the morning in January 2019 at his house by twenty-some FBI agents who tipped off CNN that they would be there.   CNN aired live the machine gun toting agents surrounding his house and in the water near his Florida residence, while performing their Deep State arrest.

This Hollywood production was related to indictments that Stone lied in front of CongressOf course, Hillary, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, etc… all walk free for committing this same crime and much more.

Stone, a Fort Lauderdale resident who served as a consultant to Trump’s campaign until August 2015, was indicted in January by a federal grand jury on charges of making false statements to Congress, obstructing a congressional proceeding and tampering with a witness in connection with that proceeding.

According to the Florida Bulldog

On May 10, defense lawyers for Trump’s longtime friend and political advisor Roger Stone filed a motion to compel the Justice Department to produce unredacted versions of CrowdStrike’s reports to the DNC.

Much of Stone’s legal defense was rooted in an effort to suppress all the evidence obtained in 18 search warrants, citing a conservative conspiracy theory that he argued invalidates the warrants. That theory contends the 44,053 stolen emails from the DNC, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, were leaked by an insider, not hacked by Russians operating as “Guccifer 2.0”.

According to Stone, CrowdStrike’s handling of the Democrats’ computers undermined its investigation and conclusions and tainted the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Russia was behind the intrusion or that Russia delivered the stolen data to WikiLeaks.

The government later informed Stone’s lawyers, including Fort Lauderdale’s Robert Buschel, Bruce Rogow and Grant Smith, that it did not have an unredacted version of CrowdStrike’s report.

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton’s attorney representing the DNC filed a response to Roger Stone’s request claiming Crowdstrike is under attorney-client privilege and therefore does not have to provide Crowdstrike’s ‘evidence’ that Russia hacked the DNC – the same ‘evidence’ the FBI relied on to determine that Russia hacked the DNC that was the basis for the Mueller Special Counsel.

In this case, perhaps the most significant in US history, the FBI relied on another firm (Crowdstrike) hired by the DNC to determine that Russia hacked the DNC! 

Now Crowdstrike is refusing to provide the evidence based on attorney-client privilege.  (It’s questionable why Crowdstrike wouldn’t provide the information if they had it?)

Looking further into the document filed by Crowdstrike and the DNC, we see that the document was signed by an attorney by the name of Mark E. Elias, from Perkins Coie LLP –

As we’ve reported numerous times, Crowdstrike claimed that Russia hacked the DNC’s emails but they and the FBI have yet to provide any evidence to support this claim.  However, others have provided evidence to the contrary.

We reported that former NSA employee and whistle blower, Bill Binney, has reviewed the DNC emails released and provided online by WikiLeaks and it shows that the data coming from the DNC was not hacked (as claimed by Crowdstrike who the FBI relied on for confirmation) but rather copied to a disk or flash drive!

Binney says:

The problem with the Mueller report and the Rosenstein indictment is it’s all based on lies. I mean the fact they’re still lying about the, saying the DNC was hacked by the Russians and the Russians gave it to WikiLeaks.

Well, we had some of our people and our group, the VIPS, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals, look at the data that WikiLeaks posted on the DNC data. They actually posted the DNC data…

…that entire set of data was read to a thumb drive or a CD Rom then physically transported. Now this is what Kim Dotcom is saying. This is what Julian Assange basically was inferring. Others have been saying the same things.”

So we have known for some time that the Russians did not hack the DNC and did not provide emails to Wikileaks as the FBI claims based on information from Crowdstrike. We also know that Crowdstrike lied and stated that Russia hacked the Ukraine during the Russian – Ukraine crisis.  This was proven false and Crowdstrike had to retract its bogus claims.

So here we are now, nearly three years since Crowdstrike claimed Russia hacked the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s attorney is preventing Roger Stone from access to the information that Crowdstrike has to support this assertion.  Of course Hillary was involved!

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