CAUGHT ON TAPE: Facebook Admits if You Dare Say Something Nice About Tommy Robinson You Get Banned… Only Critical Comments Will Be Allowed (VIDEO)

Peter Andreas Münster from Facebook

Facebook admitted during a recent television interview that the company will allow ONLY SLANDEROUS sick LIES and personal attacks about Tommy Robinson on their platform!

If you DARE say something pleasant or positive about Tommy Robinson you will be BANNED.

This Facebok tactic is straight out of the Communist Soviet Union’s playbook for handling dissidents.

RAIR Foundation reported:

In a shocking interview with Deadline – one of Denmark’s most popular news programs – viewers were left dumbstruck after watching Peter Andreas Münster, Facebook’s Head of Communications for the Nordic Region, admit to censoring virtually everything connected to UK activist and journalist Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson achieved 1.2 million followers on Facebook, and until recently, was able to reach millions of people within 24 hours of posting on Facebook live-stream. His ability to leverage his Facebook audience was halted as Robinson reporting on the migrant grooming gang epidemic targeting young girls throughout the UK received worldwide attention. Robinson’s investigative journalism exposed powerful UK Politicians & Media’s incompetency & cover-ups concerning grooming gangs. Facebook now categorized Robinson as a “hate preacher” and has banned him from the social media platform.

Even more shocking is that Facebook is now deleting posts and banning profiles who merely mention anything connected to Robinson. However, Facebook’s Münster makes it clear you can say as many bad things (even if not true) about Robinson without punishment on their platform, As an example, Münster states, “You are allowed to write that you don’t like him, or that he’s an idiot”

Lief Donbaek, member of Denmark’s Socialist People’s Party, was blocked from posting for 24 hours on Facebook for mentioning Tommy Robinson. Free Press Society, who supports Robinson, has been banned from posting on their page. Furthermore, Chairman Aia Fog has been blocked for 30 days and “the company’s official profile has been threatened with removal all because they have just mentioned the British name.”

Facebook, Google, Twitter and others have moved from open platform to openly Marxist in just three years — since Donald Trump won the 2016 election.
This will only get worse.

Via Amy Mek:

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