Breaking: Whistleblower Complaint Declassified (Waiting on Release)

The alleged whistleblower complaint against President Trump has been declassified according to House Intelligence Committee Member Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT).

Stewart announced the declassification during an appearance on the Ingraham Angle on Fox News Wednesday night. Stewart tweeted about the release when he was off the air, “BREAKING NEWS: The whistleblower complaint has been declassified. I encourage you all to read it.”

The report was released to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees in classified form late Wednesday afternoon.


Stewart told Laura Ingraham the complaint was centered on President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and was about six pages long.

Stewart dismissively said the complaint read like it was a Fusion GPS product.

Earlier, Stewart tweeted the complaint did not warrant Trump’s impeachment, “I have reviewed the whistleblower complaint made available to the House Intelligence Committee. I do not believe this alone warrants the impeachment of President Trump. This complaint should be declassified and made available to the public.”

Fellow Intel Committee member Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) also read the complaint and was not impressed, “I do not support impeachment of President Trump. I have just read the whistleblower complaint made available to House Intelligence Committee Members. I believe strongly in transparency and it should be immediately declassified and made public for the American people to read.”

Fox uploaded the video of Stewart on the Ingraham Angle:

CNN reports the declassified complaint will likely be released Thursday.

“Two sources confirm to CNN that the whistleblower’s report concerning President Trump’s phone conversations with the Ukrainian president, has been declassified. However the report will not be released at least until Thursday morning. @DanaBashCNN”

Fox’s Chad Pergram adds, “On the declassification of the whistleblower complaint, that just because something has been declassified does not mean it has been made public. At least yet. This does enhance the chances the complaint will be publicized though…It should be noted there was serious conversation among lawmakers as to how far acting DNI Joe Maguire could go in an open session at the hearing tomorrow. One source tells Fox they may have declassified the document so it could be discussed publicly during the hearing.”

This report will be updated.

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