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Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Beautiful, Young Conservative Woman, Deanna Lorraine, Challenging ‘Crazy’ Nancy Pelosi for House Seat

A young and beautiful conservative woman, Deanna Lorraine, is challenging Nancy Pelosi for her California House seat.

Ms. Deanna Lorraine is challenging Nancy Pelosi for the House.  Lorraine states at the website

This was never my goal in life to become a “Politician.” But I AM a passionate and concerned American. And I care so damn much about this country that I will not sit idly by and watch my beloved country go down in flames. I believe God is calling myself and all of you to stand up and fight, and I commend you for taking that call in your unique bold way and be a part of His Army. Because we truly are at War, and we are going to need as many of you as possible in this fight.

Below is a video from her site –

You can donate to Lorraine’s campaign at her site as well – Here


You can have young, beautiful inside and out, honest and conservative or old, crazy, corrupt and liberal Nancy.  California, the choice is yours!

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