American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Blasts Biden Over Civil Rights Record

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has sent out a mailer to South Carolina voters questioning Joe Biden’s civil rights record.

The ACLU is also taking aim at Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar for not answering their questions.

“ACLU asked Joe Biden to answer a few questions about civil rights and civil liberties. Seven candidates who qualified for the next debate submitted responses…but Joe Biden hasn’t,” the mailer, obtained by The Hill, pointed out.

“Does Joe Biden support rights for all?” it asked.


ACLU Political Director Ronnie Newman told The Hill that they aren’t done putting Biden on blast and will be sending out a second mailer about him later this week.

“Where is Joe Biden on civil rights? On whether voting is a fundamental right? On whether or criminal justice system is broken and unfair?” the second mailer will ask.

The mailers are meant to shame the candidates into responding to the ACLU.

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