VIDEO: Plane Load of Illegal Aliens Flown Back Home to Guatemala

Video was released this month of plane load of illegal families being mass deported back to Guatemala.

It’s not clear why they are being deported, but it may be because President Trump narrowed the criteria recently for passing the initial criminal fear interview. Families of the victims of gang violence no longer pass the test with that claim. That was radical progressive overreach by Barack Obama. Honduran families are also being sent back to Honduras and Salvadoran families are being sent back to Salvador.

Illegals are also being sent to Mexico.


Via Roger Ogden

Roger ads that this is apparently *not* due to the recent agreement with Guatemala, because that would have involved sending people from other countries to Guatemala to apply for asylum there.

For whatever reason, its very refreshing to see planeloads of fake refugees going back to Central American.
Many of them look happy to be back home.

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