Video: Black and Latino Women Trump Supporters Need Police Protection From Hate Mob at El Paso Walmart Memorial

Two supporters of President Trump, a black woman and a Latino woman–and their children, needed police protection after speaking out at a public memorial for the shooting victims at the El Paso Walmart Wednesday while Trump was in town paying his respects to the survivors and first responders.

Screen image.

Video posted to Twitter by CNN reporter Gabe Ramirez shows the two women and their children being led away by police officers as they chant their support for President. Ramirez said they had spoken at an open mic about their belief that Trump was being treated unfairly. The mob was not happy and police had to escort them from the memorial. Ramirez noted that was done for their protection, not to infringe on their free speech rights.


“A man has set up a PA at El Paso Walmart for anybody to use to address the crowd. Most were using it to talk about their feelings around the tragedy or for prayers & moral support. These two used it to talk about how unfairly Trump was being treated and it caused a small ruckus.”

“Two Trump supporters with kids in tow, came to the Walmart memorial and began yelling “We love Trump” causing the crowd to yell at them to leave. They were escorted out by EPPD before things got out of hand.”

“Indeed. The police just trying to keep the peace because the majority of the crowd was getting pretty upset.”

More: video and photos of other Trump supporters at the El Paso Walmart who needed police protection, according to Nathan J. Fish with the Las Cruces Sun-News..

Ramirez posted a photo of Air Force One departing El Paso as seen from the Walmart.

UPDATE: More from Los Angeles Times reporter Molly Hennessy-Fiske, excerpted from thread:

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